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Balance In Life – is the title song of the album of the same name. 

Looking back on life, it seems that having a balanced life is one an important part of life. Each phase of life, our own desires and daily stresses of life, can cause us to be out of balance. If we can see that and correct it quickly, we are usually fine. Being out of balance for a long time, can cause negative consequences on our life. Each verse of the song the lyrics talk about physical balance, financial balance, and emotional balance.

Every Form of Refuge

I remember as a young man and observe young people today, having the desire to live above their means, which can cause stress. The lyrics talk about the trade offs we make in life, with the thought that doing with less will allow us to live with less stress and enjoy living a better life.

Occupation Song

Being part of the baby boomer generation, I feel we moved into jobs, family life, and buying a house quite easily.

I see that road being tougher for young people making their start today. I was playing with words that end with “tion” and ended up making a somewhat humorous, story song.

Birthday 65

Because this age is the major time when people retire in Canada, I wrote this song around the time of my 65th birthday.  The lyrics exaggerate the thoughts of no longer having to work. 

Change Your Mind

Most of us have known people, maybe even ourselves, who should make changes in their life like – stop smoking, start exercising, eat better.   This song talks about changing your mind.

The Way That Life Should Be

An original song in memory of my parents. They provided a stable home life and raised us with the values of their generation.

You Can’t Back Me Into A Corner

I was self employed for the majority of my career.  It is a path that requires self discipline. This song is for all self employed people and small business owners.  See the lyric video at this link

Giant Shade Trees

This song is about the Pay It Forward concept.  It talks about how one generation does something that will benefit the next generation.   See the lyric video here. 

NIMBY – Not In My Backyard

There are many NIMBY issues that we can be opposed to.   Maybe you are opposed to have a commercial building being built across the street from you, or a center for homeless people being opened in your neighborhood.   Watch the lyric video here.

Read the blog post on the history of the song here.

Doing What Your Doin

This song is about how people sometimes keep doing things that don’t bring them happiness. A different take on the definition of insanity – doing the same things over and over, and expecting a different result. 

Served With Love

A song in memory of my Mom.    She worked hard to keep the house in order, and to cook healthy meals for us.  She provided us a great life.  

Social Issues Song Medley from the Balance In Life album

After releasing the Balance In Life album,  I realized that I had written song on a few different themes.  One of the themes was Social Issues.     I had  written three songs about social issues titled – Every Form of Refuge,   Not In My Backyard – NIMBY,  The Occupation Song.    I decided to put them together in a medley format, which I have done here.  Take a listen. 

Self Improvement Song Medley from the Balance In Life album 

Self Improvement is one of the other song themes from the album.     The songs in this medley are Balance In Life,  Doing What Your Doin,  Change Your Mind,   and Can’t Back Me Into A Corner.    Watch the video here.   

From Where I Sit Song medley – from the Balance In Life album

The original songs are – Birthday 65, The Way That Life Should Be, and Served With Love .Watch the video here


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