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Savings Your Pixels

Who would have thought that saving your pixels from our digital life, would be important as we move into the digital age.

Years ago, I asked an internet friend how he was able to get great looking graphics. He said he used a program called Faststone Capture.

I bought the program for around $35. for a lifetime license, from the link below.

Faststone Capture is a screen capture program that can capture anything that is on your computer screen. I use it on my laptop.

There are other good programs out there that do the same or similar things, but Faststone is the one I’m familiar with, and use most everyday.

Great Features

Use Less Paper and Ink

There are computer sites we go to, that have things like a monthly account snapshot or instructions of how to do something, that we want to capture and keep for future reference.

I used to print these things, and then I would have to file them somewhere, where I would remember where they are, when I need them later.

No more printing. Just capture what you need and save it to your hard drive.

Capture Web Agreements

With Faststone Capture, I can capture a part of the screen or scroll the entire screen length. How often do you sign up for a web account, and you have to click the little box agreeing to their 6 page Agreement and Terms.

You can now capture the entire agreement and save it for future reference. And you know this is the agreement you agreed to, even though months later, new members are probably agreeing to slightly different one, as it evolves over time.

Pictures or Graphics

How many times have you seen a great picture or graphic on the screen and thought it would be great to capture it. With Faststone, you can. You simply draw a square around the object that you want, and save it, in a folder for screen captures.

Add A Caption

You can even add a caption to the picture that will automatically date and time stamp it too, as shown below.


Pictures use .jpg format, but you can also save in these formats – .pdf, .bmp, .gif, .pcx, .png, .tga, .tiff.

Add Titles

The features image for this post I did on Faststone capture. The middle part of the image what the Faststone menu looks like on your screen.

I then enlarged the image, added some colour behind using the “draw” menu. Then added the title again from the “draw” menu.

You can size the font and the program comes with a few dozen fonts to choose from.

Pixel Re-Size

If you upload to the web, you will probably find that when you upload certain images, that they have to be a specific pixels size for certain applications. Thumbnail images for my songs need to be 3000 x 3000 pixels.

Your picture may be any other size, but with Faststone, you just use the Resize menu, to save it in the pixel size you need.

Blindsided I'm Diabetic

Royalty Free Pictures

There are a number of royalty free picture sites on the web. I like and use, for a lot of the still images in my videos and for blog posts.

After saving one with Faststone, you can then add a title to create a new image, as I did for a previous post image.

All the Thumbnail images I use for my songs, have been done at least partly with Faststone Capture.

There are many other program features that I don’t use, but they may be useful to you.

I recommend Faststone Capture, and suggest you search other program reviews.

Faststone Screen Capture Review 2020: Is it Worth It ?

Here’s to making saving your pixels easier. Happy Capturing !

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