Technology Saved Me Time

The Drive Across Town

In the mid 1980’s, I worked from home before it was popular, selling insurance, and real estate. Real Estate transactions most often would have a financing condition that the bank needed to approve in a week or so, before the transaction was finalized.

It was up me as the agent, to obtain the financing approval letter from the bank for the buyer by the day it had to be approved. It seemed that many of the buyer’s banks were across town from me. I would phone them in the morning the day that the condition had to be met, asking when I could pick it up. They would reply that it would be done by late afternoon.

This meant a late afternoon drive in rush hour traffic across town, to pick up the financing letter from the bank.

Fax Machine

Enter the fax machine. This was a marvellous new technology. Businesses were quick to get on board with the fax machine, in part because of the time that it saved them.

Now my routine was expedited. I would phone the bank and ask if the financing letter was ready, and they would say it will be by the end of the day. I asked if they would fax it to me, and they said sure !

I did not have to drive across town for financing letters any more. If a fax machine was going to save me time, then I was happy to use it.

More Techonology

This was early days in the technology field, and personal computers were also just coming on the scene. The addition of the internet, email and iphones continued to provide more efficiencies over time.

I don’t have the latest gadgets today, but they continue to be created to improve our lives. This article talks about 10 new Tech Tools that can save you time and keep us on track –

I wonder what my grand daughter might say to her daughter when she it is a teenager. She might say – “ I didn’t get an iphone will I was 10 ! “

Here’s to saving time with technology !

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