Video Transfer iPhone To Laptop

Windows and DOS

I remember years ago as desktop computers were gaining popularity, the two titans, Microsoft and Apple computers would not talk to one another. Each computer system stayed within it’s own operating system, so you had to choose which one you wanted to use.

Divisions Melted Away

The internet seemed to melt those divisions away over time. Regardless of which computer you have, you can now go on the internet and access what you want.

Dropped My iPhone in The Toilet

I loved my small iphone SE, because it would easily fit in my pants pocket. Then I accidentally dropped it in the toilet. I immediately grabbed it out, and tried to dry it. It was still working but the screen had lines from the water damage.

I decided to buy another one, and purchased an iphone 11, which is a physically bigger phone. In part, because it had a better camera on it for pictures and video.

Divisions Still Lurk

I took some video with my new camera, and tried to transfer it to my windows laptop. Before I would plug in the cord, look up the files on the iphone and copy them to the laptop.

This was a one hour video, and while it showed up on the iphone, it did not show up on the laptop when I plugged in the cord. What the heck ! The one thing that I wanted the iphone for, and it gives me trouble transferring files.

The frustrating part is, Apple could make this procedure easier if they wanted to.

Internet Search

This lead me to searching YouTube for a solution. YouTube has become my first source when looking to solve issues for computers or even house repairs. It took a hour or so, but found an excellent video solution.

Shared Folder

I can do a lot of things on computers, but I’m not a geek. The fix involved using my WIFI’s shared folders. This was new to me.

The video walked me through creating a shared folder on the laptop. I had to use a few old Dos commands that I had not used for many years.

Then I had to allow access from both the iPhone and the laptop to this shared WIFI folder. I’m sure there are many other things you can do over the WIFI network.

Viola It Works !

I tried it out ! I moved my video file into the shared folder on the laptop. It did take a few minutes because it was a big file. Then I went on my laptop and accessed the shared folder and the file I wanted !

Now I was able to edit and import the video into my music software to create one of my music videos.

I have been happily transferring my pictures and videos using this method for a few weeks now.

Looking For This Solution

If your having the same issue, check out the video I used below.

How To Transfer Photo & Video – Kevin Stratvert

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