Richard’s 2023  Original Song videos below

Skin In The Game 

This song is about Risk and Reward. 

It seems to me, when I was a growing up,  I learned about risk and reward through experience.   

From where I sit, the goal seems to be to have the knowledge of risks and rewards before you have to make a big decision. 

Maybe it’s a financial decision, that could cost you if it goes bad.  

This song talks about having too much risk, and having too little risk. 

You’re The Change You Seek 

This song was inspired by the speeches of President Obama.  He is a gifted orator, and has given a number of inspiring speeches that live on.   

The theme of the song is lifting yourself up by the boot straps. 

The rhythm of this song is a throw back to the swinging 20’s.   

YOLO You Only Live Once 

Original song for February 2023.   

This song asks the question, what will you do with your time today. 


Stone In My Shoe

 This song is my first release for 2023.  

Lyrics are – Stone In My Shoe,  Thorn In My Side,  Hope In My Soul . 

Kind of a bluesy song.   Take a listen. 


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