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The Older I Got – Album Video 

Watch the videos of the whole album at this link.

The Older I Got The Wiser Dad Seemed To Be 

      The first original release for 2022.

      This is a song about my Dad’s advice to 

       me,  when I was a young man.  

      Read the blog post about this song here. 

If You Can’t Change Your Mind

This song is about the thought that all change in our lives, begins with a thought, to make a change in something.  

And if we don’t change our minds to improve something, we seem to remain in the state we are in.  

Financial Bucket Blues

Financial Bucket Blues is my first original blues song.  Not a traditional blues song, but I think it sounds good.  

Talking To My Younger Self 

A song about reflecting on my younger years, from the perspective of being older. 

Memories Roll Down My Cheeks

This is a song about grieving. 

Zig Zag 

A song about the roads that life takes us down.  

Don’t Major In The Minor 

A song about deciding what we focus on in life. 

From Within 

We all all looking for true happiness. 

My experience feels that it comes from within. 

Life’s a Big Compromise 

I heard this saying many years ago and it stuck in my mind. 

I decided to write a song about it.  

Words That Shook My World 

A song about how words seemed larger than life growing up.

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