Richard Lepinsky

was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He started playing drums at age 11, in addition to taking keyboard and voice lessons in his teens. Early in his career, he worked as a drummer across western Canada.   He spent 50 years behind the drums and in summer 2020, released a “drums only” album titled – Richard’s Best Drum Rhythms of 50 Years, as a Swan Song to his years behind the drums. 

Richard Lepinsky

spent his career in the insurance  industry.  After starting with life insurance in 1977, he obtained a general insurance license in 1981, and a real estate brokers license in 1984

In 1990, he purchased an Autopac agency and operated from a retail store in south Winnipeg.   The family  moved to Victoria, BC in 1997, and worked a few more years before retiring.

ukulele circle
Richard Lepinsky

Richard took up the ukulele in 2013, playing with a local ukulele group.  When he moved to a new town, he started and lead two local ukulele circles over the last number of years.  

View his Ukulele Tutorials here

Richard Lepinsky

is now retired.  He took up the ukulele, playing with local ukulele groups.   He has started and lead a couple of local ukulele circles over the last number of years.  

His interest turned to  songwriting, and to self producing an album each year. 

 Watch his lyric videos videos here

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