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Richard Lepinsky is a singer songwriter living in BC Canada.  Richard releases an album of original songs each year, and an original song each month. 

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 Music Videos 

Richard produces videos for his songs. 

Watch at these links – 

2022 Releases

All is Right With The World Album

Balance In Life Album 

Richard’s Best Drum Rhythms of 50 Years

Thoughts On Life Blog – From Where I Sit

Richard posts blog articles  periodically, on a variety of topics, being his thoughts on life from a seniors point of view.  Topics include – music, commentaries, song writing histories, finance, technology, and whatever is on his mind. 

Read his – Blog Posts here.


Cover Songs

Listen to popular cover songs Richard has recorded and performed here  – Cover Songs

Ukulele Tutorials 

Richard has lead a couple of ukulele circle groups over the last number of  years, and produces a few ukulele tutorials.  

Watch the Ukulele Tutorials here. 

Merritt Ukulele Circle

Merritt Ukulele Songbook

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