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The Thoughts On Life BlogFrom Where I Sit, are Richard’s written thoughts, looking at life from a retired point of view. He talks about how things have changed, both for the good and bad, since he was a younger man and how he sees things going forward in the future.  Topics include music, songwriting, finance, technology,  and as the title says, thoughts on life.  

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Your Finest Musical Hour

The longer you play your instrument, in my case the ukulele, the more chances will come that there will be an important event to play

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Easy Post Hole Digging

Digging 18 Post Holes I undertook a recent trellis project that required me to dig 18 post holes, install fence posts and cement them into

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What’s My Genre ?

I have been a musician since I was thirteen years old. I was a typical teenager growing up in central Canada, listening to the radio

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Develop Big Ears

Hearing is one of our senses. Most of us take it for granted. We use our ears everyday in conversation. For musicians hearing is the

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Long Train Running 50 Years Ago

Doobie Brothers 50th Anniversary Concert I recently watched the Doobie Brothers 50th Anniversary concert recorded at Radio City Music Hall. Michael McDonald joined them and

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Thoughts On Life Blog

Thoughts On Life

- From Where I Sit - Blog

Richard posts a weekly blog article from his thoughts, and whatever is on his mind.  



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The phrase is simple and the words are few,
but behind them is a whole lot of appreciation.
Thank You’s from the Mission Ukulele Circle

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