Change Your Mind

Change Your Mind 

is a song about how things we should do to improve our lives, but often have a hard time putting into effect. 

Not All The Same

We learn early in life that people have different thoughts, ideas, and points of view. We are not all the same. If we were all the same, the world would have much less diversity.

I have watched people hold onto certain thoughts, beliefs or actions, and try to maintain them in the face of opposition. They may or may not change their minds.

Sometimes the Biggest Price is Doing Nothing at All

Most of us have known people, maybe even ourselves, who should make changes in their life like – stop smoking, start exercising, eat better. Some will change, but many will not, at least not at the moment.

Everything has a consequence, and sometimes the biggest price is doing nothing at all. If you were diagnosed with diabetes or had a heart attack, would you be motivated to make changes in your life and become more healthy ?

A joke in my house is, my wife will tell me to do something a certain way. I’ll say no, I want to do it my way. Then a week or so later, I say I’ll do it her way. She’ll laugh and say, I told you that a week ago.

When she told me, I was not ready to try her way, but over time, some evolution in my thinking happened or I made an intentional decision to do something different.

Forced To Change

Force can also change our minds. We are all currently experiencing Forced Stay Home orders from the government, due to the covid-19 virus. We all realize this is for everyone’s benefit, but it is not without consequences. The news has reported that among problems of boredom and cabin fever, that domestic violence is on the increase.

The covid-19 crisis for some families will also be a Life Changing event, if they have had a family member die or become ill from the virus.

Reasons People Change

I came across an article and video titled – 4 Reasons People Change by Patrick Bet-David. He talks about the main reasons change happens in life and what we can do about it. The video is 8 minutes and found part way down the page. Watch it at this link –

All the best for the coming weeks, in putting your time to good use, while we Stay Home.

As a previous blog post titled – One of the Best Skills to Have, said – Adaptability is the key to thriving in all types of environments.

Watch the Lyric Video of the song – Change Your Mind here.

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