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2024 Learning Links 

Ukulele  – Find more chord voicings at this link. There are 32 ways to play the C chord shown here.

Learn How To Play UKULELE in 1 Hour – Class for Total Beginners 1 hour in length – by Bernadette Teaches Music

10 Ukulele Chords Every Complete Beginner Needs To Know – by Ukulele Tricks –

Ukulele Lesson for Seniors – Basics For Beginners – by LITA –

Why Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s Ukulele Hit – Over The Rainbow, Is Magic – A great explanation of how IZ plays this song.

100 – Easy 2 Chord Ukulele Songs For Beginners – by Brad Bordessa

Brad has compiled links to various websites that these songs are on.

Learning Links from Newsletters

Jan. 2023 

Learning to Sing Harmony 

Here are a couple of videos to help you learn to sing harmony.

How To Sing One String Harmony

How To Sing Harmony – 3 Top Tips

Pick a song you like, and learn to sing a harmony line in the chorus of the song.

February 2023

Try These 5 Easy Ukulele Warm Up Exercises For Stiff Fingers

by Ukulele Tricks

How To Restring Your Ukulele

by One Music School

Develop Big Ears – Blog Post

March 2023

Unlock Big Changes in Your Playing with Daniel Ward’s Meditative Arpeggio

Daytime Moon,“ a Jazzy Ukulele Tune by Victoria Vox and Casey MacGill

Here is an advanced jazz song, if you want to learn some jazz chords.

Notice the ukulele bass being played here, and the additional bottom end it brings to the song.

You can get a copy of the song at this link –

Ukulele Magazine YouTube Channel

In case you did not get a chance to watch a few of the videos from this channel last week, take a few minutes this week.

Check out the Lessons and Tips videos on the second row of the page.

April 2023

Brad Bordessa – Free Ukulele Links

Brad is a ukulele music major born and raised in Hawaii. I have ordered a few of his courses which have improved my playing, and would recommend looking at his offerings. He also does an ukulele podcast.

In addition to links to his paid material, he provides a wealth of free learning links on his website at this link –

If you don’t mind signing up for future emails, you can get an excellent free 24 minute video lesson from Sarah Maisel and Greg Chee, at the link below.

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

a concert performance by this well polished group

How (and Why) To Use a Pick On A Ukulele – by Daniel Ward

May 2023

A Huge ukulele Website

This ukulele website is a monster ! It includes a library of over 3500 songs ! These are in pdf format, with the chord graphics, or a second version with no chord graphics.

Also included is an audio file of Dr. Jim Rosokoff performing the song, so you can sing and play along to his audio.

There are a number of other sections for learning different aspects of the ukulele.

The sections for beginner songs are at this link –

Music Theory and what to learn is at this link –

Many of the links are free pdf downloads for you to learn.

Dr. Jim Rosokoff, aka Doctor Uke, is a retired Dermatologist. My hats off to him in creating this monster ukulele website, all for free !

I suggest you take some time going thru this website finding the areas that are most useful to you. While you are there, book mark this website on your browser, so you have it for future use.

Go find one of your favourite songs, learn them, and then do a song for us at a meeting !

Below are a couple of excellent videos from Sarah Maisel & Greg Chee on – Making The Jump from Beginner to Intermediate Ukulele Player.

Part 1          Part 2

June 2023

Somewhere Over The Rainbow / What a Wonderful World

We played this song for the first time at the last meeting. This link above the original version to get familiar with it.

The link below is a playalong video that highlights the strumming pattern.

Beginner Video Series 

I found this 75 video series for beginners, if you want to start at the basics.

Ukulele scales and notes.

Download this free pdf file on ukulele scales.

August 2023

Brad Bordessa Strumming Videos

Brad is a ukulele player who is born and raised in Hawaii. He has a number of books and ebooks for the ukulele. Below are free videos he recently put out, which explains strumming well.

Strummming Workshop #2

Strumming Workshop #3

Sept. 2023

Richard’s blog post titled – Your Finest Musical Hour

Great Ukulele Players Featured Here

This was a 6 hour live event in Hawaii organized by Craig Chee & Sarah Maisel. There are many great ukulele players in this living room style concert. I’d suggest fast forwarding to find some of the great music performed at this event.

Muting & Scratching

I attend this live event two months ago, and learned a lot.   It is on the advanced side, but watch to see and hear how  you can improve your playing over time. Watch here.

Also check out other videos on their YouTube Channel.

F-One Oil for the fretboard

The Syncopated Strum – Walking On Sunshine – Stu Fuchs – 12 minutes

7 Beginner Ukulele Strums by Richard Lepinsky

With a handful of new members joining us recently, I created this Beginner Strum Tutorial.

Watch it here.


2022 MUC Learning Links


Learn To Tune Your Ukulele – Bernadette Teaches Music

Ukulele Muted Strums – by Richard Lepinsky

Insta-Harmony by James Hill – Podcast

Billie Jean on the ukulele by James Hill

Uke Minutes – from Aldrine Guerrero

Aldrine is an expert ukulele player, and has done about 155 short YouTube videos on ukulele playing and technique. You should watch them all, but here are a few links to the first few videos.

Uke Minute 1 – Ukulele Accessories

Uke Minute 2 – Basic Strum

Uke Minutes 3 – Ukulele Sizes

Uke Minutes 4 – DIY Hunidifier

Uke Minutes 5 – How To String an Ukulele

Uke Minutes 6 – The Roll Technique \

Absolute Ukulele Beginner – 10 Day Course

How To Practise Chord Changes – by Cynthia Lin Music

How To Switch To G Chord – by Bernadette Teaches Music

10 Ukulele Chords Every Beginner Needs To Know – from Ukulele Tricks

Ukulele Strumming For Absolute Beginners – from Ukulele Go

10 Ukulele Chords Every Beginner Needs To Know – from Ukulele Tricks

Ten Songs with 3 Chords – by Cory Teaches Music

How To Chuck The Ukulele In 3 Minutes – Dylan Laine

The 7 Easy Ukulele Strum Patterns – by Uke Like The Pros

Rockabilly for Uke ( Uke-abilly ) Boogie Strum In C – Ukulele Zen – Stu Fuchs

Satin Doll – Ukulele Jazz Tutorial – by James Hill

How To Solo On Ukulele – A Beginner’s Guide – by Ukulele Zen – Stu Fuchs

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