No Wifi

A few days after I got the iPad home, it would not log onto Wifi in my home. That’s strange, the Wifi in the house works well with all my devices, so was surprised that it did not work on the ipad.

I watched a few Youtube videos on this problem, and tried the solutions they suggested, all to no avail, it would not connect to Wifi. Now I am upset.

Plans Derailed

So instead of getting a music reader onto the tablet, I am derailed trying to get the ipad to connect to wifi and working properly.

The Pros Have Trouble

After a few days of frustration, I thought I am going to return this iPad the next time we are in Abbotsford, which I did.

I went into Best Buy return counter, and the young lady there was knowledgeable, and had me log into the store’s Wifi, but my iPad would not connect.

She called over a guy from Geek Squad, and he tried it for a few minutes, had trouble and called over an more senior Geek Squad guy. He also could not get it to connect, in order to wipe out my data, which is very little.

He told me, I would have to take the iPad to an Apple Authorized Dealer and they would help me. I asked him, Do I have to drive to Vancouver, as the closest dealer I knew of was in Surrey ? He said, No, London Drug have authorized dealers in their stores, and there is a store in this mall.

The London Drugs Pro

So into London Drugs I go. I can’t see an Apple Authorized sign near their computer department, but I wait for a computer guy to finish with a customer, and he says, I can help you.

We get to his counter, and I tell him the situation. He asks some questions and I know right away this guy is a real pro with Apple devices.

He tries a few things, each time ruling something out. In the end he said, one of the programs I had installed on the ipad was causing the problem and after deleting the program, and he was able to delete my information from the iPad.

He said, I think the ipad is one of the best computers out there. It may be but if I can’t understand it or get it to connect to Wifi, it is no good to me.

I had a lot of frustration and wasted time over this device, and I would have to take time to think of what kind of tablet I would buy next time.

I thanked him, and asked him what I owed him. He said nothing. I was grateful. Back to Best Buy I go, and return the ipad and get a full refund.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, and I start searching online again. The ipad I had was a 10” screen, but I see they make 12” screens which for reading music would be better.

Windows VS Google Tablets

Then I started looking at Windows Tablets.

I came across Google Chrome tablet. I wondered what the difference between them and Windows was. I searched it and find that Google Chrome Tablets will not allow you to install any specific apps, and you have to use Google Chrome as the browser. Well that won’t work for me, if I want to use it to read music.

I had the feeling that a tablet is a watered down laptop, with fewer options than a laptop.

Is There A Laptop Tablet ?

Well why don’t I get a laptop with a detachable keyboard, if there is such a thing. I checked and there is !

Computers for 38 Years

I realized that I bought my first microsoft computer back in 1985, which means I have been using computers for 38 years now ! That is more than half my life. There is a lot of hours and making a living with computers during those years.

Windows It Is

I thought I have been using windows computers for 38 years, and I now have an Apple iphone that I do like too.

But why should I change from a Windows laptop now, and have to learn the Apple environment, and in my case had a lot of trouble with an ipad.

And why should I use a tablet verses a laptop, if I can get one with a detachable keyboard ?

So I feel my next move is to a Windows laptop with a detachable keyboard. But I am not in a hurry to get it yet.

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