Set Yourself Free – Song History

We all desire to be free of things that are not comfortable in our life. I think everyday we try to move to places where you can set yourself free.

I had two thoughts writing this song. One was the various things in life that trip us up, hang us up, and we can’t seem to “get over”. The lyrics of the verses talk about some of these kinds of things.

The second thought was how to overcome these “sticking points”. I came across a chinese proverb, and felt it would make a good fit for the chorus of the song. I think it turned out well, and is a good focal point message of the song.

My Sticking Point

I am retired, but I was in business most all of my career. I moved from a commissioned life insurance agent, to an insurance & real estate agency owner, over about five years. Then I grew the business for another thirteen years.

When you earn a living selling on commission, it is a life of perpetual motion, to obtain more interviews to generate more sales.

You need to be as efficient as possible. You don’t want to waste a minute of time, although you always do. I had to learn many skills like good time management, in order to succeed.

Being self employed, you don’t have a boss standing over you telling you what to do. You need to be your own boss telling yourself what to do. Then you had better do it. Overall, I had moderate success.

Once retired, it was hard to change a habit that I did for many years. It took a few years to slow down. I see retirement as a slower version of my working years. I’m not sure if that is success on that front.

Our Own Sticking Points

We all have our own sticking points, on many different issues. It is a big topic if you really want to delve into it.

What’s Your Sticking Point ?

The author of this article talks about when the newness of a project wears off, and the daily grind starts to get to us. It is a point in your project where your energy and excitement level are not enough to overcome whatever resistance the project poses.

These points can be External or Internal. I won’t go into these as the article does a great job of that.

What Are Stuck Points In Grief ?

Because I am a bereaved parent, and I have spent a lot of time grieving. It is a big topic, and I thought the article link above was a good overview, before taking a deep dive.

Where Do You Get Stuck Running Your Life ?

This article I liked because it talked about the 5 most common issues people have –

Fear of Confrontation

Struggle to Manage Your Fear and Anxiety

Being Self Critical

Inability To Let Go Of the Past

Being Reactive

We evolve as individuals. Some faster than others, but we all evolve, even if we only age physically.

The chorus and outro of the song eludes to letting go of things that we are stuck on. Easier said than done, but as in life, something to strive for.

Watch the lyric video of Set Yourself Free here.

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