My 2023 album, They’re Not Making Land Anymore has just been released.   

This post is about the songs on the album and a bit of background on them.

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They’re Not Making Land Anymore

Housing in many parts of Canada have seen prices sky rocket.This leaves many families not able to purchase a home.

There does not seem to be any easy answers.  I feel this is one of the major problems in Canada today.

Stone In My Shoe

This song has a blues feel and the lyrics are in that vain.

But not the traditional blues chords.

YOLO You Only Live Once

I think we all have times in our life, when we feel we need to live it up, cause we only live once.

The rhythm changes in this song, from a slow tempo in the verse, to a fast latin rhythm in the chorus.

You’re The Change You Seek

This song was inspired by Barrack Obama, who was a terrific public speaker, giving many great speeches.    The chord progression in this song uses a few b5 chords, and it has a nice melodic riff intro.

Put Just a Little, Skin In The Game

This song about taking Risks. I was not taught about Risks in school, and had to learn about them on my own. You need to take some Risk, but not a Big Risk. Put just a little skin in the game.

Check out the sliding G7 chord after the solo at 1:50 minutes.


a grief song about the death of a child

I wrote this song a handful of years ago, in memory of our son, Nathan. 

Time To Grow

is a song about how life pushes us to keep growing.


Peaceful Place

I think we all are looking for a peaceful place.

I like the rhythm I used on this song.

Moving Our Life

I wrote this four years ago, when we made our last move. 

Moving your residence ranks high as a major stressor in life.    The song talks about the feelings during this time.

Play Your Part

A song about contributing in society.

Created a nice 16th note intro riff for this song.

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