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Trying Out Artificial Intelligence

I was working on trying to improve my song lyrics for an upcoming song.

I thought I should try this AI stuff, Artificial Intelligence that has just come out.

I search for AI apps for free, and read a great article.

Try A Free AI App

I decided to sign up for for free.

After a few searches I typed in –

Search – “Write Song Lyrics About the Benefits of Reading”

With an AI language model, I provide some suggestions for writing song lyrics about the “benefits of reading”. Below is what the program punched out –

Verse 1: Open up a book, and let your mind explore Travel to new worlds, and learn so much more Reading stimulates your brain, and keeps it sharp Imagination soars, like a soaring lark

Chorus: Reading opens up your mind Grows your knowledge, and helps you find A place where you can unwind And become the very best kind

Verse 2: Books can teach us how to be Better people, helps us see New perspectives, understand We can change, if we take a stand

Chorus: Reading opens up your mind Grows your knowledge, and helps you find A place where you can unwind And become the very best kind

Bridge: So many places you can go So much wisdom you can know Books are a treasure, a delight A world of wonder, within sight

Chorus: Reading opens up your mind Grows your knowledge, and helps you find A place where you can unwind And become the very best kind

Outro: So grab a book, and take a seat Read a chapter, you won’t be beat You’ll see the benefits, come true Reading is for me and you!

You may be interested in visiting

Ways to use song lyrics to improve comprehension | British Council



That was impressive, so I changed something on the request, and submitted it again, and it came back with a version 2.

“Benefits of Reading” version 2, from

Verse 1: I’ll tell you ’bout a secret, that’s hidden in plain sight, A magic door to wonderland, that we’ve kept out of sight, It’s a tiny piece of paper, bound between two covers, But once you open it up, life is yours to discover.

Chorus: Reading’s the key to endless doors, A way to learn about things you never knew before, It unlocks your imagination, opens up your mind, This is the magic of reading, the best thing you will ever find.

Verse 2: From the moment you learn to read, the world is at your feet, You can be anyone you want, you can do anything you dream, You can travel through time and space, or learn to fly, All the power is in your hands, with every turning of the eye.


Verse 3: With every book that you read, you gain a new perspective, A world of new ideas, waiting to be connected, You’re transported to new worlds, with every page you turn, A life full of adventure, with so much more to learn.


Outro: So let’s all grab a book, and settle in for the ride, For the magic of reading, is where our true selves reside, It’s a never-ending journey, that will always begin, The magic of reading, a gift that will never end.

Well Done AI

I have to say I’m impressed with what artificial intelligence punched out in less than a minute. I will not be writing a song with these exact lyrics, but it is a start to finding a phrase or a key word in the lyrics that may fit one of my chord patterns, that I will be working on one day.

I’m know that there is more to learn about using this and other AI programs, which would also provide more and possibly better output.

A New World

It is a new world, that I was not expecting, but here it is ! Like many things with technology in my life, I feel I need to learn it, and get left behind.

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