Storytelling Through Music 

This article appeared in the Merritt Herald on Jan.4/24


In a musical landscape dominated by love ballads and catchy pop tunes, one local artist is carving a niche of his own by exploring unconventional themes.

Richard Lepinsky, who is a retired insurance agent, has just released his fifth album in December on all streaming platforms, called “They’re Not Making Land Anymore”, which features his originals songs.

The new album offer a fresh and fun perspective on the struggles of the housing market and also talks about ways that people can keep growing during difficult times. The thought provoking lyrics harmonized with the distinctive rhythm is what makes this album unconventional.

“Once I retired I started writing songs just because I understood music,” he said. “I ended up writing a song talking about business deals that go bad and I never knew what I would really do with it. Then somebody was telling me that I could get audio software on the computer and I thought that was pretty cool.”

Lepinsky’s interest in music started way before he released his albums. When he was 11 years aold, Gene Krupa – an American jazz drummer – performed on TV, and Lepinsky said that stuck in his memory.

“I just somehow related to it, I don’t know what it was,” Lepinsky said. “I think it was all the adulation and the applause that he got, that I was attracted to.”

His love for music led him into playing in bands six nights a week in clubs and bars all over Canada.

“I did make my living our of it for a few years back then,” Lepinsky said. “Then I got married, we started having kids and I gave up on the whole music thing.”

After his retirement, Lepinsky got involved once again with music after he took over ukulele groups across Canada, including one in Merritt.

He said his relationship with music has gotten better over the years and hopes that people will get inspired by his work.

“Music inspires you. I think some songs have a learning component and it’s maybe our little self escape.”

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