Long Train Running 50 Years Ago

Doobie Brothers 50th Anniversary Concert I recently watched the Doobie Brothers 50th Anniversary concert recorded at Radio City Music Hall. Michael McDonald joined them and

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The Older I Got

The Older I Got – The Wiser Dad Seemed To Be This is my first original song release for 2022 ! This song is written

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Who Owns The Melody

Who Owns the Melody ?

Every songwriter works in a field of “Melodic Landmines” because of any song melodies that have already been copyrighted through recording.

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My Drum History On YouTube

My Drum History on YouTube

Official Artist Channel on YouTube My YouTube channel has recently been approved as an OAC – Official Artist Channel. It is designated by a small

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Every Form Of Refuge

Every Form of Refuge – song history

If a cheap price is the most important thing, we would all be living in tents and riding bicycles. A tent provides us shelter and a bicycle provides us transportation. Neither are very comfortable or practical in the winter, but they are the cheapest solution.

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Credit In My Life

Credit In My Life

My First Credit Card I needed credit in my life.  But I needed to learn how to use credit right.  Around 1980, credit cards were

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Richard Lepinsky Music
The phrase is simple and the words are few,
but behind them is a whole lot of appreciation.
Thank You’s from the Mission Ukulele Circle

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